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Mirthala Salinas is a leading voice in the Hispanic Community of the United States.

With more than 20 years of journalistic experience, Salinas has made her passion for news a platform to reach out to people in many areas.

Mirthala Salinas is the lead anchor for the 11:00 PM Newscast at KRCA Ch. 62 in Los Angeles, the fastest growing Spanish TV Media in the United States.  Salinas started at Lieberman Broadcasting as a news reporter and due to her excellent skills, professionalism, and experience, within in two months she was promoted to the Anchor seat.

Previously, Salinas hosted “La Ventana” an afternoon drive radio show on W Radio AM, where she talked about issues impacting the Hispanic community in the US focusing on women’s issues. W Radio is sister station to the well respected W Radio from Mexico, own by one of the most powerful Hispanic media groups in the world, Spain’s Grupo Prisa.

Mirthala Salinas also anchored six daily nationwide radio newscasts; “Minuto 60” aired in 118  U.S Markets.  “Minuto 60” was the tool Mirthala Salinas uses to keep the Hispanic audience in the United States well informed about the most current International, National and Local news events.  In addition, Mirthala Salinas participated once a week in “Efecto Secundario” an afternoon radio host in Caracol Radio in Miami.

Mirthala Salinas’ successful career started in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989, where she worked in radio and television, since then she moved to Los Angeles, CA where she currently lives.

Mirthala Salinas has had many accomplishments and recognitions, including four Golden Mikes and two Emmy awards, obtained while she was an anchor/reporter at Telemundo 52, the second largest Spanish television network in the United States.  She was also named, in 1998  “Latina of the Year” in Los Angeles, CA.

Besides being MC for endless community events, Mirthala Salinas has also been a Guest on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Mathews.

Mirthala Salinas lost her Mother and Father to Cancer in 2007 and 2008, respectively.  Cancer is a personal issue for her and one of her goals is to make Hispanics more aware of this incurable disease.



Mirthala Salinas es una de las figuras más importantes del periodismo en Estados Unidos.  Su experiencia de más de 20 años abarca medios impresos, al igual que radio y television.

Actualmente Mirthala es la presentadora del noticiero estelar de Estrella TV, Ch 62 en Los Angeles, la cadena de television de mayor crecimiento en Estados Unidos.  Mirthala Salinas se integró al equipo de reporteros de Liberman Broadcasting., y grácias a su profesionalismo y experiencia de inmediato fue colocada en el principal puesto del noticiero.

Salinas ha sido nominada a los premios Emmy en tres ocasiones, logrando dos de ellos.  Además a obtenido cuatro Golde Mikes.

En el tema social, Salinas utiliza su plataforma para informar y educar a su comunidad sobre el cáncer.  Sus padres fallecieron por esta enfermedad, por eso el Cáncer es un tema personal para ella.

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